It has been some time since I’ve written. I’ve got the perfect topic for today. Today I’m talking about visions, like the ones Daniel had in dreams. In reality, we can all have visions in dreams. Last night, I was praying to God, and I asked him about my greater purpose. God, being an ever faithful God, answered my prayers, and delivered to me a vision. 

My Dream

In my dream, I was taking care of my pet, a guinea pig named Angel. He had wandered outside and it was my job to make sure that he got back inside so he didn’t become lost. I woke up, and realized the significance of my dream. God had answered my prayer. Moreover, he had given me a vision that stated my divine purpose. Like an angel, it is my responsibility to make sure that meek creatures do not become lost. It is my greater purpose to not let people be led astray. Like my guinea pig, I must guide those who have fallen off their path.

God Speaks To All

God has talked to prophets through dreams ever since biblical times. He also can talk to just about anyone through dreams. I have a gift with my wisdom, directly given by God. I realize that my writing helps people. When I write things like this blog post, I am guiding you. Have you ever had a prophetic dream, or a vision? Perhaps you should ask God through prayer for one to guide you in your life. You might be surprised over the outcome!

Psychic Dreams

Daniel and John were the most notorious prophets to have visions in dreams. Both of these visions have to do with end times. Moreover, we associate dreams with prophecy. Dreams can be visions, too, which have nothing to do with prophecy. We refer to these as psychic dreams. Psychic dreams were studied heavily by Aristotle. The difference between psychic phenomenon and God is that instead of being psychic you have God guiding you in your life. Perhaps it is safe to say that God is the author behind psychic phenomena and it really isn’t a true psychic experience. 

Greater Purpose

I want to be able to fulfil my greater purpose. I have slacked off on this blog a bit lately, as I was devoid of the perfect topic. Earlier, we discussed my insomnia. Today, we are now talking about visions in dreams. How strange that we went from insomnia to dreams. The truth is, my insomnia has not bothered me since I had last written about it. Praise the Lord! This blog isn’t going to ever go away. I will continue to write for you. It is my divine purpose to guide you. What the bible offers you through its wisdom, I will be there to offer you my additional guidance. More importantly, I am your friend. I am not just a blogger, but your friend. I love you, my readers, as you make me feel special.

Don’t Give Up

We all struggle with finding our purpose. God can offer us guidance through dreams. It is up to us to listen to our subconscious mind and realize that God is speaking to us. Maybe God can’t talk to us normally and has to use dreams. Perhaps it is just a desirable teaching tool for the initiated. Whatever it is, we are not left without a loving master. Jesus is the way. He guides all of us, no matter how great or small. Whether you are a grisled wolf like me, or have a meek rodent’s soul like my little angel, he has a greater purpose for you. Remember to practice social distancing and always wear a mask. God bless.



I am a writer and an author who is wishing to study to become a minister. I have written over 18 books. This is my site dedicated to Christ! Cheers!

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