This world is going quickly into a state of decay. We have watched as Black Lives Matter has announced ties to dark magicks. We understand fully this is Satan’s infiltration into what could be a noble cause. The extreme left beliefs and anti-christian mindset are just a few of the many things wrong with Black Lives Matter. God is very clear that he is God alone. He dictates that witchcraft is Satan’s counterfeit. We understand very clearly that Christians enjoy the protection of the angels. It’s okay to support an anti-racist message, but the Marxist amoral ties to Black Lives Matter is deeply rooted to its core. They have launched an assault on the church and the nuclear core family unit.

Not What It Seems

Jesus said that one bad apple ruins the whole bag. How right he was. He really is the way, the truth, and the life. He also tells us that no one comes to the Father except through Him. As we’ve watched many protests become violent, we know that Satan is sitting at the heart of Black Lives Matter. How can we ever hope to find a peaceful resolution with them? They’ve slandered our faith, attacked our values, and rediculed our national beliefs. I can’t support an organization that supports extreme left beliefs. It interferes with my role as a Christian believer. I believe everyone should be treated based off of their actions. If I say a black or white person is on a road of predition, it’s because of their deeds, and not their skin color. My belief that evil doers go to hell is based off biblical beliefs, and not racism. 

Peace, Not Violence

Martin Luther King Jr. was a Christian minister who believed in peaceful protest. He would be rolling in his grave over the actions of Black Lives Matter. Don’t say he wasn’t a genius who was a visionary. He is the example of everything that the cofounders of Black Lives Matter couldn’t be. God states that he is the one we should turn to through prayer. God can do anything. He can move mountains. We don’t need to protest. That is a completely human way of trying to deal with a religious problem. I honestly don’t respect one bit what the Black Lives Matters cofounders believe in. They are influenced by Satan. We need to pray for America. We need to ask that God would affect our hearts and teach us a lesson in loving each other. Those who sympathize with Black Lives Matter clearly forget about what their core beliefs are.

United We Stand

We need to stay united as Americans. We needed to say all lives matter. There is no need for this nonsense to be happening right now. America is suffering with the pandemic. Lives are being lost daily. Why would we tear our nation apart with violent rhetoric that is based off merely accusations? All cops are not racist, nor are whites. I do not need to examine mine beliefs. I love regardlessly, but I’m not afraid to say when someone is working for Satan, like the cofounders of Black Lives Matter clearly are. We need to stand together in love. We need to accept Jesus before His triumphant return to this world. Are you ready for his second coming, when all governments of the Earth will be wiped out? Jesus will be our king, and no President or world leader will have any say in our lives. Jesus is Lord. We need to forget about all these irrational actions by Black Lives Matter. Our duty is to serve Jesus, and no one else. I love you, and stay safe during this pandemic. Covid is really real and quite dangerous. Always mask up and practice social distancing. God bless.

The Satanic Beliefs Within Black Lives Matter’s Leadership


I am a writer and an author who is wishing to study to become a minister. I have written over 18 books. This is my site dedicated to Christ! Cheers!

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