Abram and Sarai were two very special people in the bible. Abram later became known as Abrham, the father of all living. His wife, later known as Sarah, was blessed with a child. His name was Isaac. They were told to sacrifice their son, but when they went up the hill, they saw a ram, and sacrificed it instead. Abraham said the Lord provides. God provides us many things  in life, including children! It is a blessing that the Lord provides for us. The Lord provides many blessings, and we have Christ to thank for them.

A Loving And Nurturing God

God is a loving and nurturing God. He provides many things that we can rely on. He knows that our hearts are His. Sometimes, we think the Lord’s timing is off. This is absolutely not true. God knows when we need things more than anyone else. It may seem like the pandemic is making us have nothing to look forward to. We have several things to look forward to! God never stops pouring the blessings upon us. In His new kingdom, we will walk with Jesus. Jesus will heal our hearts. Praise be to the Lord!

God Is Our Master

God is our master. He provides us food for our spirit. Then, each day, we grow in Him. Like Abraham and Sarah, he knows each thing we need. Are you praying for a child? God wants to bless us with children even right now. Marcus and Joni Lamb at Daystar are welcoming a new child named Judah into their family, a grand baby! How amazing is that? If you have prayed for a child right now, have no fear. God is with you! We have a great and loving master in God who pours blessings upon our family. Praise be to Him!

God’s Blessings

God loves us. He let’s us know each day we are just as important to Him as Abraham and Sarah. We are all God’s children. Abraham was very blessed because of his faith. We too can be blessed. God provides everything we need. Furthermore, if we are financially short, God will find work for us. He will give us all we need to be successful. Likewise, My work as an online minster was influenced by a blessing from God. He led me to buy this website. I originally planned to publish a booklet on prophecy. Then, I postponed those plans to work on this website. It’s through my ability to bless you that I may be blessed!

Joseph, Son Of Jacob

Abraham’s house was blessed because of his perseverance. Joseph, Jacob’s son, was hated by his brothers. Of course, He never worked a day of his life. His promotion to prime minister allowed him to make key decisions for Egypt to avoid the famine. Joseph blessed a whole nation because of God’s wisdom. Comparatively, Just like Abraham, Joseph was blessed by God. In reality, you, too, serve a vital role in God’s kingdom!

God Blesses All

Moses was blessed with sorcery to defeat the oppressive Pharaoh. After all, he led his people out of slavery into a new land. With God, he brought the ten commandments to his people. Because of this, we know modern law today. God blessed all of his prophets thoroughly to do his will. Just like them, God is ready to bless you so that you may serve him. God provides all sorts of nourishment to us so that we can may feel joy. I would like to pray for you. Holy father, may these people know your blessings. Likewise, as you did for Abraham, may you provide for them. May your ways guide us through your son, Jesus Christ. Praise be to Him! We say these things in the name of Jesus. Amen. Remember, to wear a mask and practice social distancing. Praise be to Jesus!

The Lord Provides


I am a writer and an author who is wishing to study to become a minister. I have written over 18 books. This is my site dedicated to Christ! Cheers!

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