Jesus Christ is the force that liberates us and sends us on the path to Heaven. What of the opposing force, though? He is the grand old serpent, the deceiver, as the bible calls him, Satan. Satan is a negative force that will stop at nothing to send you to Hell. Thankfully, Jesus is there to help us stop Satan’s attacks on us. How can we better understand the Evil One who was kicked out of heaven after his rebellion? We have to understand how Satan works, and well.

The Armor Of God

The bible tells us to put on the entire armor of God to resist the wiles of the Devil. That is, the spirit, which is the sword, for offense and defense, the shield of conviction, the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the girdle of truth, and the shoes of peace. These aspects are what protects us from the evil plans of the devil to send our soul to Hell. We have all fallen, and all of us have sinned, but, each day, as believers, we build up our faith and begin to resist the attacks of Satan even more. Satan has his own arsenal, often referred to as the seven deadly sins, wrath, envy, pride, gluttony, lust, sloth, and greed. Each of these are pretty bad, but there are times we have all given into these. What can we do as believers to help us withstand Satan’s merciless onslaught? By reading the scripture we come to understand God a little bit better by the gift of the holy spirit we received during baptism. We grow as we attend church and receive fellowship. Learning about the responsibilities of being in a family and forming positive friendships help us as believers. Sharing our faith is a huge boost, too. There are so many ways we can become stronger, including prayer and praising our heavenly Father through music. What are some ways you grow your faith? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Satan Triggers

Satan attempts to trigger us. He uses our weaknesses against us. He knows of the carnal pleasures of this world, and will try time and time again to get us to indulge in them. Addiction is just one of his devices that he deploys against us. Addiction can be anything, from food to drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, and gambling. He knows that the brain craves dopamine, the pleasure seeking chemical released after rewarding ourselves. He knows our own chemistry, as he was once God’s highest of all angels. Have you ever battled against addiction? Once again, feel free to share in the comments below. Maybe you can find someone to share your story with.

Satan’s Devices

How do we fight Satan’s devices and addictions? We have to remain positive, and remember how we spell JOY, that is, serving Jesus, others, then, finally, yourself. By serving God first we will have His favor poured onto us, allowing us to wiggle free from Satan’s snares. I cannot express how we are not perfect enough. We can have the most brilliant of minds, but that doesn’t mean our hearts are pure. Jesus was the perfect example of God’s will. It was his joy to serve us and teach us His way. By believing in Him we can know the path to salvation. However, especially during the pandemic, we can become distracted and lose sight of Him. Things like social media are crowded with negativity. That is Satan’s most dangerous weapon, negativity itself, which stunts all positive growth in a being. Satan is known as the accuser, and he will make both your enemies accuse you of things and perhaps make you accuse people yourself. Only God knows the heart of men and women. He is the only one who truly knows its intentions. To accuse someone of something comes with a great offense to the truth. Have you ever accused someone of something, and felt bad afterwards? That guilt we feel is the first step to repentance. God requires us to repent of our sins if we are to be forgiven. We need to try our best to not do it again, as well. If we keep repeating our sins we truly aren’t sorry, are we?

Satan Is A Bully

Satan is a bully. He lives and breathes in bullies, and sends them to beat down our egos. By attacking our egos, Satan makes us feel worthless and depressed. When we give into depression, not only does our moods sink, but also does our health. Satan attempts to traumatize us, which leave emotional scars on us that only Jesus can truly cure. Satan has so many tricks at his disposal that he really is the complete criminal. He corrupts our souls so he can have his ultimate wish, to send us all to Hell. He is angry that he was casted out of Heaven and wants us all to join his fate of losing God’s presence. Have you ever been away from God’s light? What was it like? Are you suffering right now? Comment below so we can all connect and share God’s love. There is enough kindness to heal everyone’s heart in this world and I’d love to help you.

We Are All God’s Children

Satan can’t hurt us if we are in God’s light. By surrounding ourselves with His will we can stay away from Satan. The bible says in end times that he and all unrepentant sinners will be casted into the lake of fire for their rebellion. I care about your salvation. I have been saved by God countless times. I am sharing this message because I love you. There is so much negativity and hate on the internet and I just want to share some of my love with you. United we stand, brothers and sisters in Christ. We can survive this pandemic and all of Satan’s hurtful plans. Have you accepted God as your personal savior? If not, it’s never too late. If you aren’t ready now, he’ll be waiting for you. Don’t wait forever, though, as the bible has prophesied that this world won’t be around for much longer. Lead us not into temptation, Lord. As you go out today, remember, we are blessed in Christ. I’ll be sure to say a prayer for you, and remember, be safe during the pandemic. Always wear a mask and practice social distancing. May God be with you!

Our Enemy, Satan


I am a writer and an author who is wishing to study to become a minister. I have written over 18 books. This is my site dedicated to Christ! Cheers!

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