Another Excerpt From My Booklet On End Time Prophecy

The book of revelation consists of several chapters that are extremely cryptic. The Revelation Of John is apparently a book that contains a prophecy about the end of the ages that occurs before Jesus Christ returns to Earth. The book was written nearly 2,000 years ago and has been studied thoroughly by scholars, and is one of the most well-known books contained within the Holy Bible. There is several, surreal, “dream-like” sequences in the book of Revelation that leave people to wonder what it all possibly means. The book of Daniel, with his prophetic dream, has also been linked to End Times.

The Churches Of Revelation

The first notable section of the book of Revelation involves a set of letters that are sent to “angels” of churches around the world, many of the places being extinct nations in the world today. The churches locations lead many people to be skeptic whether or not End Times has or has not already occured. It is then further worthy to state that the angels within each church has apparently fallen in some specific way. Angel, biblically speaking, actually translates to “office of thy lord.” This indicates that each angel contained within the churches is actually not a mythical being but more an office contained within each church. This directly relates to the prophecy of the four horsemen-War, Death, Pestilence, and Famine, which are actually correlations to periods of papacy within the church. We can assume that each church has fallen from their ways, and a prophet is pleaing for them to turn from their misdoings. 

A Fallen World

The world had entered a fallen state in the book of Revelation, and there becomes a great war in heaven, between Michael and his angels and the great deceiver Satan, who has taken the form of a dragon. These two forces collide, and fall like stars to Earth. Satan deceives the host of heaven, and leads a third of the angels in a rebellion against God and his children. What many people don’t know is that this part of the book of Revelation actually takes place in the distant past. Whether or not just Satan and his angels fell or all angels fell is open for debate. It does mention a “silence in heaven” which would indicate that no angels are there to play music within the celestial regions. If all the angels fell to Earth, it would indicate that they became human to help stop Satan’s rise to power and perhaps have what is both a reward and punishment to them.

The Mother And The Child

Wirhin the book of the Apocalypse, or the book of Revelation, is A woman who is depicted with child being chased by a dragon. This woman has been undoubtedly identified as Saint Mary, or the Virgin Mary. This would reference the past again with Satan constantly trying to overthrow Christ’s righteous rule since his very conception. This has been how the world has a constant confliction between good and evil ever since Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. What we have here in the first three parts I’ve covered is something very clear-a war in heaven, the birth of Christ, and a message to seven major churches to turn from their fallen path.

The Elect

We have an idea of what the scroll with the seven seals might be. Something that is only worthy to be broken by the slain lamb, with it of course being the Christ. What the seven seals are is not too clear, but I believe they are seven events that must occur in the world for the scroll to finally be read, which is possibly a message from God regarding the world’s fate. In End Times, a chosen few are selected as the “Elected” who are tasked with spreading the gospel before the world comes to an end. We can assume that is select missionaries and priests who must tell people of what is to become of our fallen world. The elected chosen are limited to a meet 144,000 people.

Four Ages

The book of Revelations speaks of the aforementioned Horsemen Of The Apocalypse-which are four demonic incarnations of the ages of papacy within the church itself. Of the four, all four are present within the world today. War has stricken our nation, and seeks to separate the whole world with a great war with China-which may be the prophecy of the 1 billion man army that seeks to destroy the free world. Famine has became a scary reality even in the US after the pandemic has devastated the economy of the nation. Pestilence is also part of that duo that has risen with the pandemic and various other uprisings of new dieseases. Death is an absolute outcome of all of the three-to varrying degrees. We live in a very disturbing world state that could only indicate the events of the book of Revelation are indeed taking place on the Earth. Are we really ready to endure this war that is taking place between heaven and hell?

A Clear Picture

The book of Revelation tells us very clear that there will be a thousand year reign of Satan and a thousand year reign of also Jesus Christ on the Earth. This is actually cryptic in itself. Normally, in the bible, when they refer to a thousand years, it means one life time, possibly indicating how a short amount of time is like a long amount of time in theory to God. There is some discrepancies on this, though. Would we really have to endure a lifetime of Satan’s punishment before we see Christ return? Would we even still be alive when Jesus returns to create heaven on Earth? Are we really ready to endure all of that before losing our faith? When Satan is finally casted into the lake of fire, believers will rejoice and wicked, unrepentant sinners will be vanquished alongside him. There will be a day when all of our suffering will end, but when will that come? Are we in Satan’s reign now? How long has it gone on? The real question is-are you ready for what is to come?

New Age, End Times


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