The good Lord came to this Earth so that we can learn by His example. He taught us exactly how to live as Christians. Have you ever struggled to live a Christian life? We all fall short, the bible says. Upon death, we will be judged by our faith in God and according to our works. God is a forgiving God, and will not wish for us to be condemned. He has many blessings to pour out upon us, and waits on us patiently. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. His promises last forever. What an awesome God we have!

God Doesn’t Abandon Us

When we are young, we have a child-like faith in Jesus. It is infallible. When we grow up, we face many hardships that seek to separate us from the Father. It’s how we handle these struggles that impact our relationship with God. When we are away from God, His voice seems but a whisper. While we are close to God, His voice is loud, deafening. God doesn’t abandon His children. We are all His children, and loved equally by God. He knows that all of our lives matter, no matter what we believe in or what type of person we are. It’s through our faith that we can live up to His grace. His grace is shed upon us because of His righteousness. God is not looking to send each of us to hell. Instead, God wants us all in heaven. He knows what is best for us, and wishes to reward us based off of our works on earth.

Faith Without Works

The bible says that faith without works is dead. We need to back our belief with kind, loving actions. Jesus stated that only the Father knows when the world will end. Although it seems like the world is falling down around us right now, we need to remain strong until the end. If the world was to end tomorrow, we need to believe in God until the very end. God does not want us to be good only part of the time. He wants us to work with love constantly. We are not perfect beings, and we have a protective shepherd in Jesus. Jesus watches over our lives and protects us. If we were to die tomorrow, Jesus would hold our soul and welcome us into heaven. John 3:16 states that the secret to eternal life is belief in the Son Of God, Jesus. What an awesome promise John 3:16 contains!

Jesus Came For Sinners

Jesus attended to sinners in the bible. People like tax collectors, even, came to know Jesus during his life. Legion, a man he cured from demonic possession, wished to follow Jesus after he was cleansed. Jesus made it very clear He had come for sinners. He was not there for perfect people. Jesus’ friend Lazarus was a poor beggar who was comforted in death by going into the breast of Abraham. The gospels stressed very soundly that Jesus was the God of the imperfect. No person is a God, they all have limited hairs on their head, and a limited lifespan. God serves as the holy judge that is there to decide our fate when we die. It’s his wish that we may know His son in heaven. 

Why Jesus Died On The Cross

God died on the cross because He knew that we could not be forgiven on our own. He gave His life in the form of Jesus because He loves us. Nothing can seek to take us away from God’s love. He is waiting there for when we are ready for Him. God is always ready for us. He’ll wait a lifetime if it just means He can hold us. Our Lord is perfect and can do us no evil. He protects us from the enemy, raising a standard against them. Satan fears God because of His love. God loves us, and there is no more powerful force than love. Think about how you love your spouse and children. Now imagine that love infinitely times greater than the love you have. It’s amazing how deep the Father’s love for us is. We are truly blessed in Christ!

God’s Love


I am a writer and an author who is wishing to study to become a minister. I have written over 18 books. This is my site dedicated to Christ! Cheers!

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