God is not one bit racist. He knows all men and women are created equally. He will not tolerate any of us being racist. The time to end xenophobia has come. Furthermore, if he is to have Christ’s kingdom on Earth, not one bit of superiority can exist. Does God play favorites? No, although he sheds favor upon those who keep his commandments, he does not put anyone on a pedestal. We should never exonerate one person above the other, and especially not because of their skin color. 

Hate Is Hate

Hate is nothing more than hate. How did our church ever take on racial tones? It was due to the devil’s manipulation. A church that is segregated due to skin color is not a true church of God. If a church is not inclusive, then it is condemned in God’s eye. In reality, we were never separated from God’s love.God’s love is inclusive to all humanity, no matter what they’ve done or who they are. The whole idea that we should feel racially privileged or superior to another race is Satan’s mindset. Moreover, Satan has infiltrated both the minds of believers and nonbelievers. His hate is not inclusive, nor is God’s love. 

Hate Sends Us To Hell

Satan wants nothing more for us than hell. He wants us to hate our fellow brother and sister. Being the target of xenophobia is exactly what Satan wants for us. Whether we are black, gay, mentally ill, physically disabled, Mexican, Asian, or dyslexic, Satan has issued people to hate us for it. Satan discriminates against anyone who is not the ideal white man or woman. He lives in a certain region where he is able to influence humanity. His control is often not even identified by fundamentally sound Christians. He is seemingly everywhere.

Let’s Erase Hate

How can we help erase racial hate? By taking a stance against racism and all xenophobia. God would not want us to be xenophobia. If you’ve ever been a target of racial hate, or some sort of discrimination, you know how ugly it is. The devil wants to take you down, by judging you by predetermined hereditary factors. Why would God ever hate me for something I cannot help? He wouldn’t. I do not take a single cent for any word I write. These words are meant to make a change in humanity. Would a racist ever read this post? No, but if you’ve ever felt privileged above another person, I urge you to reconsider. In reality, you might be worse than that person you feel superior to!

Equality First

God clearly states that we all came from Adam and Eve. That indicates that we all share the same ancestors, and similar DNA. That means no one has an edge on another being. All lives matter to God. He loves us all, no matter how great or small we may be. God has a concrete position in the lives of those who are discriminated against. He wants us to love one another. Christ loves all of us, so shouldn’t we? Please, take a stance against racism and all xenophobia. Treat people inclusively and help eliminate hate. I don’t want to live in a world that would judge anyone for something beyond their control. We have the same ability to achieve success, no matter what skin color we are or any other existing conditions. People like Will Smith are some of the most successful men in Hollywood. TD Jakes is a very successful Black Preacher. Skin color does not affect our talent whatsoever. It is merely an outdated concept. Racism should have died out a long time ago. Don’t let hate swallow your soul. Take a stance against xenophobia today.

God Knows Black Lives Matter


I am a writer and an author who is wishing to study to become a minister. I have written over 18 books. This is my site dedicated to Christ! Cheers!

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