God has a plan for everyone. When we are depressed, it may seem like we are going nowhere. Then, we become hopeless. Our Heavenly Father wants to heal our hearts. He let’s know that he still has a plan for us. He will work miracles in our life if we ask Him to. All we have to do is pray. God will hear us. When we are depressed we need God the most.

Don’t Give In

We shouldn’t succumb to depression. In reality, it is very hard not to be depressed during this day and age. Moreover, when we get sad, we are battling Satan. God is the only one who can teach us how to battle Satan. He doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves. Our body is a temple, and we need to keep our body sacred. Jesus is the master healer and He can heal our hearts, spirits, bodies, and minds. He provides guidance in our darkest times.

Seasonal Depression

As the weather changes, many people battle with seasonal depression. With the threat of a second wave of the Corona Virus, we are helpless as we isolate. Jesus needs to be a part of our home as we fight depression. Every year, Jesus gives people with depression the power to feel joy. Then, they can resume their former, happy lives. What a great master we have in Christ. He is the one who fulfills all of our heart’s pure desires. Jesus won’t let Satan’s demons wreak havoc to our soul. 


People with depression often battle with insomnia. Once more, we need to pray when we can’t sleep. Jesus can grant us the peace of mind we need to sleep. I personally battle with insomnia. Prayer is the first thing I turn to. I’ve tried it all, too. Sleeping pills, white noise, reading before bed, and even warm milk. Prayer is the only safe method I can use to battle sleepless nights. Whether you battle with depression, or just insomnia, Jesus can grant you rest. 

A Spiritual Disease

Depression is an emotional disease. It attacks our mind and spirit, making the rest of life difficult. We are victims of Satan’s abusive power when we suffer from depression. Anything can make you depressed. From major issues, to minor issues, we can become sad. If we lose a job, or a loved one, we are bound to break down. Only the strongest of believers can survive trauma. Trauma occurs after depression ensues. God can cure us of our trauma. Once again, all we have to do is pray.

The Gentle Lamb

We have a gentle Lord in Jesus. He wants to send us to heaven. I am a firm believer that suicide victims know a place of rest in Christ. God is sympathetic to the downtrodden. He doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves, but he is a Lord of mercy. If you are suffering from depression, DayStar and Air1 both offer prayer partners that can help give you spiritual guidance. They are only an email or a phone call away. If you are thinking about hurting yourself, please pray and seek support right away. Let God lead you to a support system so you don’t do something you regret. You are a strong person and you can get through anything with Christ!

Stronger Than Satan

We are stronger than what Satan has in store for us. In reality, Satan cannot harm believers. God protects us, and his ploys will fail as long as we believe in Christ. Do not let depression cut you down. As always, I want to pray for you. Lord, heal those who are depressed. Let Christ enter their hearts and show them that He has a plan for them. From the day they were born, you love them as your children. Lead them to greener pastures and away from Satan’s attacks. We say these things in the name of Jesus, Amen. Remember to always practice social distancing and wear a mask. May the Lord be with you.

God Is There During Depression


I am a writer and an author who is wishing to study to become a minister. I have written over 18 books. This is my site dedicated to Christ! Cheers!

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