God is the ultimate healer. He can help us overcome any illness we go through. Did you know that God can heal us from mental illness, too? God says in the bible for us to cast all of our anxieties on Him. We have a loving father who cares about our physical, spiritual, and mental well being. He knows that we need a healthy mind if we are to succeed in life. He is fully aware of all of our mental difficulties and struggles we go through in life. There is no stopping the blessings he pours onto us, including the relief He offers.

Life Is Not Perfect

We know that life has its downs. When we start to spiral in life, it’s inevitable that we will suffer from some sort of mental illness. Mental illness is just one of the poisons that Satan uses to kill our soul. Satan, in the bible, is attributed with illness. His demons cause us great mental disturbances. From depression, to anxiety, and other, more severe, mental diseases, he is the origin of them all. We have prayer to combat Satan’s plots. God can cure us of anything we go through. Schizophrenics often believe in God just because of the relief He offers them. The mental health industry used to be completely secular. Now, more than ever, many care providers are starting to believe in God.

God Has A Plan

God has a plan for all of us. He does not want us to suffer. He has a special place in His heart for those suffering from mental illness. God says that He will never leave us nor forsake us in the bible. He is always there for us, and is always an option. Have you ever prayed to God during difficult times in your life? Maybe depression had sat in your life, and you had no one else to turn to. God is an eternal being that is with us, and he will always love us. It’s His love that helps during the most uncertain of times in life. He is a king who reigns with wisdom, power, and love. Love is the cure to all of the mental anxieties we deal with in life. Jesus taught his disciples to cure all manners of sickness. He is seen curing the mentally ill in the bible with the man who was called legion. Demonic possession is very similar to mental illness. Some believe that demons are the sole cause of mental illness.

Mental Illness Can Happen To Anyone

Mental duress can happen to anyone. We always should turn to God first. Mental illness is such a disease that it cannot be directly treated. Medication will never get rid of mental disease completely. Counselling is only so effective. The miracle of prayer, however, is a permanent cure. God can help us in ways that the mental health industry simply cannot. I’ve known many people who have had mental difficulties. I always encourage them in God. Jesus offers a calming voice to the mentally afflicted. Maybe you are feeling mentally sick right now. Have you prayed about it? God will listen to your pleas in the form of prayers.

We Don’t Have To Be Ashamed

We don’t have to be ashamed of our father in heaven. Whatever we go through he always knows. He is the easiest person to talk to about our mental health. He will never think poorly of us if we are depressed over a job loss or a change in our relationship. God does not condemn us when we are weak. Jesus is the only one who can make us truly strong. As he rose from the dead, he is the master of recovery. Turn to Him during the storm, and offer Him all sorts of praise. He loves us, and will hold our hand when the world is too much for us. Remember to stay safe during the pandemic. God bless.

God And Mental Health


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