Jesus Christ came to Earth so he could die on the cross for our sins. This was his destiny. Along the way, he taught us parables, led us to God, healed people, trained the disciples, was tempted by Satan, overcoming him, and countless other things. He was God on Earth, and rose on the third day to be at the right hand of the Father. We are forgiven through Him. How wonderful is that? We have new life through Jesus, and will enjoy a life in heaven after we pass on. Have you ever felt bad about what you’ve done in life? Fear not, as we can repent and be cleansed by the blood of the Son of God.

One True God

Christianity is the only faith that features forgiveness for your sins. This makes it more appealing to others than other religions. Christian believers account for over a third of the world’s population. Why did Christ come to Earth to die for us? It’s simple. It’s because he loves us. God’s love is so great for His children, that he came to Earth to die on the cross so we could escape His wrath. The sacrifice Jesus made on the cross is why we do not go to hell when we die. John 3:16 states that we are saved through the belief in Jesus, and that we enjoy eternal life through His blood. This is a calming fact for sinners, which we all are. All men and women have fallen short, and we are forgiven our trespasses by Jesus. It’s in Jesus’ name that we can enjoy freedom from condemnation.

Christ Is Forever

The world has been in chaos for thousands of years, and has entered the height of its anxiety. We are certainly close to the return of Jesus. He will come to judge all men and women. Only the righteous will be saved and be a part of His kingdom. It states in Revelation that God will only punish unrepentant, wicked, sinners. That means only those who hurt people and feel no remorse will suffer the lake of fire. Jesus says the only way to the Father is through Him. We can live a moral life through Christ. He is the author of good behavior and knows what lies in the hearts of humanity. He is the only one who has the right to judge people. It says judge ye not in the bible. Let only God be the one who can judge the intentions of your heart.

Forgive Your Enemies

Have you ever been a victim of someone else’s evil plots? The bible teaches us to both forgive and love our enemies. My friend once told me to “Hate the sin, not the sinner.” His words have stuck with me well! Let us forgive others so that we may be forgiven. We are to offer the coat off of our back to our enemies, showering blessings upon them. Jesus taught the example of turning the other cheek. This meant that when they struck one of your cheeks, to let them strike the other! How wise is our Lord! He truly is the messiah, the lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.

Be Strong In Christ

Don’t let your sins keep you down. Repent, and do your best to not do them again. Continue on with your life, and enjoy the forgiveness of Christ. We have our lives ahead of us. Whether the world ends today or ten years from now, we will always be blessed through Jesus Christ. May he shower blessings upon you and your family, knowing peace through Him. Amen.



I am a writer and an author who is wishing to study to become a minister. I have written over 18 books. This is my site dedicated to Christ! Cheers!

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