When we go to Church, we have fellowship. The bible says “Wherever two is gathered, God is there.” This is a verse referring to church gatherings. Unfortunately, right now fellowship is complicated with so many churches being closed. Moreover, I may ask you how have you been having fellowship? Have you been doing independent bible studies? How about a video conference for 

? Have you been having friends over for coffee so that you may pray together and visit?

Our Lives Won’t Be The Same

The Coronavirus changed all of our lives. We don’t have to feel it’s negative impact, though. We can definitely adapt and have a little fellowship. God knows humans need companionship. Whether we want to believe we are a loner, it’s true that people want friends. Have you shared bible verses with your online friends? With the internet these days, it is too easy to have a chat in a safe way with our online friends. We can add our fellow church members on social media and interact with each other. Life doesn’t have to end because of Coronavirus, unless you are one of the unfortunate few who have died.


When I was younger, I really didn’t have friends. As I got older, I realized I need as many as I can get. Christianity has become an increasing oddity these days, though. I yearn for a good Christian friend as the Church I attend has many misled people when it comes to our faith. I want to be able to talk to someone about pro life and removing the death penalty from our society. I want to tell them I am saved through Christ and I am forgiven for my sins. I want that fellowship. Our God is alive, not dead. My family is devout Christian and we talk about Christianity every time on the phone. I suppose I do love you, Dad. Without you, I’m not sure that I could believe in good and evil. Thank you for raising me so well.

Who To Fellowship With?

We don’t have to limit ourselves to Christian friends, but it is important to find like minded people. The bible says “The light shall not yoke with the dark.” This is a verse about how important it is to find a marriage partner who is also saved by the blood of Jesus. We must look for people who complement our faith. Yet, what do we do when someone who is in our lives is not Christian? Three things: stand firmly and tell them you believe in Jesus. Ask them about their beliefs. Thirdly, tell them to seek out forgiveness through our Messiah. Never back down when it comes to our heavenly Father. Let people know you have a voice that sings for our Lord.

Like A Cup Of Joe

Fellowship is something like a good cup of coffee. Not necessary, perhaps, but really nice to have. We grow strong in our faith when we can be with fellow believers. Stand strong on the truth that is in the bible. I do want to warn you about wolves in sheep’s clothing in the Churches that would twist the word of God. God says inwardly they are ravenous wolves, looking for prey to devour. Satan twisted the word in Eden to turn Adam and Eve against God. Try to screen those that you would have fellowship with. Try your hardest to engage other church members in conversation about the word of God. Remember, the bible is an infallible, undeniable, indisputable truth.

My Prayer For You

I’d like to close today with a prayer. Father God, wherever we are, please protect us from the damage of the Coronavius. Please sustain our hearts and minds during these times. Please let your children know that you are always in control. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Fellowship During Covid


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