The truth is that everyone needs God. We have freedom of religion, and too many people choose not to believe. We ask for evidence or some sort of divine miracle to happen in our lives, but God does not work this way. He requires us to have faith, which is belief in the unseen. God gives us many promises, it’s just all about taking that first step, which is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, to be cleansed by his blood, and receiving eternal life in exchange for our belief in Him. This is the primary basis of Christianity that has been corrupted continually over the last 2000 years. Because of this corruption of the belief in an almighty father, we are now in a fallen, cruel, world.


The book of Revelation is very clear about what the apocalypse will be like. One thing that is excessively uncertain about the Apocalypse, however, is what we are to do during the Apocalypse. The general plan that we all know is to keep believing and stay strong until Jesus returns. I always have thought this is an incredibly simple solution to an excessively complex problem. I’ve watched countless shows on end times. Many have suggested that Christians go together into the country to survive away from the turmoil of our decaying cities. This is, as you can imagine, easier said then done. Would large groups of Christians even agree to form communes in the countryside? I believe that most people would have trouble giving up the luxaries of the city life. However, to the true believer, it would be a no-brainer. Would you, my wonderful readers, ever consider such a thing? To forgive up the anxiety of the city life for the simple ways of the country? 

Fear Is Not My Guide

Fear is not my guide. In this world, with wars, police brutality, riots, and social injustice, mental problems rule supreme. Satan is the strongest thing ever created, and he knows fear is what destroys all faith. Are you afraid that you will die before Jesus makes his triumphant return? Fear not, for the kingdom is at hand. We’ve seen all of our nightmares become reality. Angels fall and people lose their faith. We are all creations of a loving creator. In my personal life, I’ve survived great hardships. The fires of hell have forged me into a fearless survivor. Not a fighter, but a survivor. I’ve lost friends and family to death but I know they all went to heaven. In end times we will suffer greater than we ever have before because of our belief in God. We will be persecuted harsher, and be condemned for our belief in our loving master. Have you ever wanted to give up your belief in God? Are you reading this right now and wondering if Christianity is right for you? It is. I’m quite different than most people. I’m an absolute stranger to the mainstream, but I believe. Nothing can take that away from me, because He is mine to hold.

Silence In Heaven

The book of Revelation, as I’ve mentioned, spoke of “Silence in heaven.” My belief is all of the host of heaven fell in order to help humanity and to gain the gift of free will. What supports this theory is that Satan deceived a third of the angels and they follow him. God’s angels would only betray him if they had became human and been granted free will. That’s right! There are angels among us. There identities would be dependant on three factors. One, they would be extremely intelligent, much more than the average human. Two, they would have the ability to commit miracles. Thirdly, they would have knowledge of their lives in heaven. These are the only ways you could possibly know if someone was truly a fallen angel. Their missions would be of utmost importance, and it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would conceal themselves from humans. The angels that remained true to God would be vital in the survival of humanity. They would bolster our faith, heal us, and help us resist the temptations of the Devil. We have much to rejoice that we have the angels to protect us and guide us. Do you believe God’s angels have came to Earth?

My Story

Although my own faith kindled when I was 17 it was not until I was 22 that I could no longer doubt in the awesome power of God. Life had no longer became meaningless to me. Everything was new and I had been reborn. Death was not strong enough to take me, and I had finally realized what it was like to be mature. Nonbelievers are often childish and stubborn no matter what age they are. They are closedminded and there heart have hardened. The only thing more odd than the disbelief in one God is the complete denial of the supernatural. I’ve seen angels, demons, spirits, and visions of God. I’ve felt what it is like to feel completely alone around the people that surround me. If it weren’t for God, I’m sure I’d be dead. In my eyes, the dumbest of all people are the ones who do not believe in anything. Their lives must be hollow and full of despair. Could you imagine the amount of fear that atheists possess? I’m sure to them the slightest injury or illness would make them panick. Atheists are the ones who fear more than anyone else for their lives. 

Everyone Needs God


I am a writer and an author who is wishing to study to become a minister. I have written over 18 books. This is my site dedicated to Christ! Cheers!

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