After dinner, I was watching DayStar. As the DayStar singers sang a great song, it hit me. I had a great message for you. David and Goliath. Before David was God’s chosen king, he was a mere shepherd. The Philistines had a tremendous enemy named Goliath. David volunteered to fight Goliath. He told people he had killed both a bear and a lion. God had a very special plan for David. He was to overcome their greatest enemy with a mere stone. The stone, guided by God, hit Goliath and killed him. This was the first of David’s many victories, all thanks to God.

Life’s “Goliaths”

David was known to be the ancestor of Jesus. His greatest accomplishment was perhaps this. Jesus had a mortal family here on Earth. It was God’s greatest king, Jesus, that came from his first king, David. What really gets me about the David and Goliath story is the odds that David faced. In life, we have tremendous foes just like Goliath to overcome. Struggling with things like addiction and depression are no different than Goliath. They are gigantic enemies that we cannot defeat without God’s help. We need God to conquer life’s greatest challenges.

David’s Faith

David had faith in his fight with Goliath. Like our challenges, we need to have faith. I delivered a really great message about faith on Sunday if you missed it. With faith, we can defeat our goliaths. We need to put that faith in God, not in other things! God is the master of our heart. He knows what is truly good for us. He doesn’t want us to be unhappy. With faith, we can defeat those really harrowing experiences in life. We really are no different than David. Like him, we face insurmountable odds each and every day.

Goliath And Satan

Goliath had a lot of things in common with Satan. He was big, terrifying, and opposed God’s kingdom. Satan was the motivator behind Goliath’s assault on David. Satan knew that if he were to defeat God’s chosen king it would be a great victory for him. God is by far too strong to be defeated by Satan. As always. God protected His chosen people. Whether your battle be spiritual or physical, God is always with you. There is nothing you cannot do without Him. As I quote, I can do all things through Christ, for He strengthens me. We can face all challenges in life with God!

We Have A Purpose To God

God has a purpose in all of our lives. That purpose cannot be fulfilled if we meet an early demise. Things like suicide and depression have long since been in our world. These are some of Satan’s strongest tools he uses to defeat us. Just like Goliath, they are quite terrifying foes. If you’ve ever been depressed, you have my heart and prayers. God gives rest to those who are weary. He is a strong refuge for the weak. God’s given people like me the purpose of spreading the gospel. Just like me, you cannot give up in life. God will help you defeat your Goliath.

My Prayer For You

 David is one of the earliest people that we read about in the old testament. Like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob before him, he serves a very distinct role. We also serve a very distinct role in God’s kingdom. Without a Goliath to defeat, we can never discover the miracle that is faith. Miracles happen. They did for David and they will for you. I wanted to pray for you. God, like David, your children encounter many Goliaths. Help them to be strong and have faith in you. Let no challenge in life, great or small, be too big for them to handle. We say these things in the name of Christ. Amen. Be safe out there and remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing. God bless.

David And Goliath


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