Recently, we adopted a beautiful black and white cat named Lucy. She came from a shady animal shelter called Scraps, located in my hometown of Spokane, Washington. This organization is quite a suspicious place. They do not hire people, and instead about any volunteer. Additionally, they present their supposed safe haven more as a thrifty pet store, offering a full refund on pets. To top it all off, no screening done on adopters, not even a simple background check. That is right; you could have animal abuse convictions and still be able to adopt there. This doesn’t even seem like a reality, does it? For SCRAPS of Spokane, it is.


Lucy hides constantly, moves around little, and doesn’t want much to do with us. Although rehoming is a tricky process, Lucy seems an extreme case. Her evident abuse from SCRAPS of Spokane is apparent. From lack of emotional abuse to physical abuse, I am all but sure that what should have been her saviors are actually indeed her demons. Animal abuse is a direct violation under God. The act of violence is innately prohibited in the bible. Outside farming, in ethical manners, it is not okay to abuse an animal, in any way shape or form. I will be informing SCRAPS of Spokane directly of this post, as well as informing the newspaper. As a prophet, it is clear to me she has been neglected and ritualistically abused.

A Freaky Cat

This type of behavior in a cat is fairly unprecedented. We can rule the previous home being her abuser, because SCRAPS of Spokane unwittingly admitted she had been there most of her life. I’m not going to give up on her, but her lack of trust in humans is so severe, that I feel she would be dangerous to children. If we weren’t committed to our furbaby, she may never see a permanent home. I have not one bit of respect nor love for SCRAPS of Spokane. You may believe I’m not being a Christian, but I fail to care about the inward demons that work there. God has no love for Satan, either, or eternal hellfire. There is a deep pit reserved for the sick monsters that work at SCRAPS of Spokane.

I Will Not Back Down

A prophet is not a coward. I will curse my enemies. These weirdos at SCRAPS of Spokane will hire even mentally ill people to work there. I don’t care if you have delusions over the mentally Ill; they are unfit to care for even themselves. Several workers at SCRAPS of Spokane were unkempt in appearance, which is not only unprofessional, but also a clear sign of mental illness. I fully urge you to report all animal abuse. Often, these organizations like SCRAPS of Spokane crusade as white knights, but they really are just Satan disguised as an angel of light. It’s up to God to show them mercy, not me. I’m their damning would-be angel, ready to take them to trial. Together, we will expose SCRAPS of Spokane for the monsters they are.

Pray For The Kitties

Pray for reform in animal shelters. Encourage yourself to adopt only from humane organizations that have no-kill policies. Even still, be prepared for a challenge when adopting a cat. They got there for some reason, so you’re taking on someone else’s problem. Be the catalyst of change, give your new pet a reason to trust us once again. This not only a Christian thing to do, but your obligated duty as a moral, American citizen. Do not add to the injustice of this world, but instead change it. You can make a difference, no matter how great or small. Bring demonic filth like SCRAPS of Spokane to the guillotine where they belong. Organizations like SCRAPS of Spokane turn joyous experiences into challenging trials.

Animal Abuse At Shelters


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